The Tech-Driven Customer Journey 

                                                    Half-Day Conference - 30 November 2021 - 0900-1230

                                                    Hosted by Publicis Sapient, 63 Turnmill Street, London, EC1M 5RR

Financial services marketeers face an industry increasingly focused on customer experience.

Martech and focusing on CX helps marketeers to serve their customers in an increasingly responsive and efficient manner.

This hybrid half-day conference will cover martech, CX and the ways marketeers can harness tech to tackle challenges in an increasingly digital market. Sessions will cover hyperpersonalisation, AI, trust and data optimisation, and more.

Our expert speakers will challenge your thinking around the customer journey, and bring you up to date on Martech developments and how should transform your approach.

The Tech-Driven Customer Journey

Opening Remarks from David Cowan
Managing Director
The Financial Services Forum
Keynote - Adam Fulford, Chief Customer Officer, ENGINE Group

Adam will set the scene for the day with a call to arms to work brighter, not harder. The brightest brands over the next decade won’t be those that spend the most, but those that blend technology, data and experience in brand defining ways.

We’ll explore the tools at our fingertips and how FS brands can deliver returns on relevance, win the battle for data, and create brand defining customer experiences. We’ll illustrate the difference that can make to both tactical performance and marketing effectiveness.

Chief Customer Officer
Using Social Data to Understand the Needs, Values and Motivation of Customers

Consumers are now becoming more judgemental and looking for differentiation in financial brands. They might trust the brand to look after their money but not necessarily to do the right by them.

How do you build trust so the customer believes you are acting in their best interests? In this session we look at:

  • The state of marketing personalisation
  • Why buyer personas are important according to data How marketing research and segmentation is changing
  • Using social data to understand audience

This session is sponsored by Meltwater.

Account Executive
Account Executive

Setting yourself up for Customer Experience Success in Financial Services

Ensuring you are ready to meet the future demands of your financial services customers means more than just buying the latest technology. It requires both a technology strategy and the right organizational alignment, support and commitment to deliver it.

In this session, hear from Mike Plimsoll, Snr Director Industry Strategy & Marketing at Sitecore about the future of marketing technology and the organisation trends being harnessed in Financial Services both today and tomorrow.

This session is sponsored by Sitecore.

Senior Director Industry Strategy and Marketing

Coffee Break and Networking

A chance to grab a coffee and network. 

What Drives a Great Client Experience?

There’s no such thing as B2C or B2B, it’s all P2P—people to people. And data-driven relationship insights are the key to delivering the best client experience. So what defines a great client experience?

It’s a showcase that the client is seen, heard and understood. It is about how much is known about the client by your organisation. What is that knowledge? Data.

This session will explore this topic further, discussing;

  • Challenges faced by marketers when they experience those CRM data blues
  • How the picture could look for your organisation
  • Connecting the dots between data and a great customer experience

This session is sponsored by Introhive.

Financial Services Industry Director
Commercial Sales Lead, Financial Services

Harnessing data & empathy to do “more with less” in an era of heightened customer expectation
  • Context - Learn how Financial services organisations are maximising the ROI from investments, delivering personalised content and other digital assets
  • Capability - How companies are using A.I. to effectively scale their marketing and customer experience efforts
  • Culture - Removing guesswork and enabling data-driven decision making across your business

This session is sponsored by Optimizely and Netcel.

Senior Product Director
Strategy Director

The 'Marketer Journey' vs The Customer Journey - How Improving Internal Culture and Engagement Impacts the Customer

Thanks to the influence of digital disruptors both in financial services and outside, a strong customer experience is now deeply entwined with an admired brand. Innovators such as Amazon or Uber are now the benchmark for customers across all their interactions, not just in retail and transport but in everything.

Which best practices from these giants FS firms emulate? We all know a great CX when we experience it, but how can firms measure their CX efforts? How can they turn that data into practical steps? And what role should marketers play in CX discussions? This wide-ranging discussion will cover areas such as:

  • Finding the right metrics to measure the impact and value of CX
  • How CX aligns with the shift from product to customer-focused marketing
  • Understanding the latest AI use cases to measure, improve and personalise customer journeys
  • What role marketers can play in internal CX discussions
  • The cultural hurdles to building CX, and achieving C-level buy in
Managing Director
Marketing Director
Design Director
Lloyds Banking Group
Senior Director, Industry Strategy and Marketing
Networking and Discussion Break

An opportunity to network with fellow attendees and discuss the topics of the day.

Closing Remarks from David Cowan
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