When we look past the noise, the potential of GenAI is clear - a recent University of Bedford study found that 67% of marketing executives believe these tools are very or extremely important, but only 30% of that group were very or extremely familiar with their use.

This hands on workshop is designed to help marketing executives look beyond the hype and get their hands dirty learning how to use generative AI (GenAI) tools to drive productivity, effectiveness, and creativity.

 Date: Wednesday 22 May 2024 from 0900-1630

Location: Instinctif Partners, 65 Gresham Street

Technology is starting to have a real impact on how work gets done.
Generative AI technology is starting to have a real impact on how work gets done across every aspect of the marketing function.
Twenty page documents can be condensed into two paragraph summaries in 20 seconds, meeting action plans can be generated as participants leave the room, and cycle time and cost on developing marketing materials can be halved.
Waiting for things to stabilise is not an option as the range, scope, and capabilities of new GenAI offerings is increasing week by week. Upskilling yourself and team will enable greater efficiency, foster innovation, and enhance your ability to stay ahead of competitors.
The Financial Services Forum has partnered with AI education experts Fast Future to deliver a practical and immersive introduction to GenAI.
The course is aimed marketing executives with little or no experience of using the tools. The session will provide the opportunity to learn how they can across every aspect of your work to save time, improve quality, and accelerate delivery.
The aim is for participants to leave fully equipped to use the tools in their daily work and to start evaluating which tools best fit the needs and compliance policies of their business.
´╗┐Participants will be introduced to a range of tools to help enhance productivity on core tasks.
The session will provide hands on experience of using a range of GenAI tools on core tasks such as reviewing and writing documents and emails, producing plans, managing meetings, developing briefs, creating artwork, and generating videos.
Attendees will also be provided with resources that help them compare the performance and features of key tools, develop deeper proficiency in prompt writing, and learn more about new tools and functionality.


The goal is for participants to leave the course with sufficient understanding and hands on experience of a core set of tools that will enable them to:

  • Enhance their personal effectiveness, efficiency, creativity, and impact
  • Free up time to drive new value creating opportunities
  • Encourage their staff and agencies to become highly proficient in the use of GenAI to enhance performance across all of their tasks.

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