Hear from each of our sponsors in the interactive, intimate sessions at our Martech Conference.


Meet the Keynote

            Izzie Rivers Founder and CEO, Realm 

Izzie Rivers is the founder and CEO of Realm, an agile media and marketing agency that believes in welcoming change for strategic advantage. One constant in our marketing lives is the rapid acceleration of transformation, particularly across information, real-time demand, technology, and people. Realm partners with CMOs and their teams to grow brands, designing agile programs based on data that really matters.

Meet the Speakers

"Ceros is a cloud-based design platform that allows marketers and designers to create immersive content without writing a single line of code. It is a tool that can transform and liberate your digital presence across all digital touchpoints, and it’s backed up by a team of experts. The Ceros Studio is the only platform of its kind with the ability to produce creative content experiences at scale."

Join Ceros for their session: Digital Storytelling within Financial Services

In a world where your audience is being bombarded with endless streams of information, how can you secure consumer attention and retain it? During this workshop we will show you how you can transform your digital content into impactful and meaningful stories. We will demonstrate how to leverage rich media and movement to defy expectations and captivate your audience with smarter, immersive digital experiences.

      Jas Bansal New Business Director, EMEA & APAC at Ceros

Jas is New Business Director for EMEA & APAC and Financial Services Lead, helping marketers and creatives across financial services discover how to create rich, animated and immersive digital content - without having to touch any code. Starting off his professional career as a graphic designer, he still is a creative at heart with a passion for memorable digital experiences!     

           Margaux-Alix Gardet Director of Professional Services at Ceros

I'm the Director of Professional Services at Ceros, heading our in-house creative team. In a nutshell, I support our customers to unlock their creativity and push their own boundaries using effective digital storytelling in order to engage and retain their audiences. I have a background in various creative verticals from Fine Arts, to Fashion, Photography and Graphic Design, all of which have helped me gain a well rounded understanding of the power of excellent creative work.

With every challenge our clients face, we aim to deliver Extraordinary Audience Engagement - It’s our purpose, and what we believe enables brands to cut through the noise out there. It’s the opposite of being overlooked, ordinary, disengaged, run of the mill, ineffective. It takes partnership, knowledge, passion, curiosity, creativity and rigour. We have the talent and the team, and we partner with clients to overcome their challenges and achieve their goals. We are Hub, A strategic and creative agency that believes in Extraordinary Audience Engagement

Join Hub for their session: Content that works: How to build audiences in a rapidly evolving market environment

There are many challenges facing marketers in 2022 … customer acquisition, growing brand awareness, short term sales activation, changing consumer habits to name a few. Against this complex backdrop the battle for attention has never been greater. Companies have spent years building out their martech stack in order to address exactly this… and then what? You then need to add the fuel to drive the engine… content. But with so much at stake how do you make the right type of content to build the right type of audience? This session is aimed at marketers that have their martech stack in place and are ready to add the fuel.

David Hunstone Co Founder / Director of Content, Hub

Co-founder of marketing agency, Hub, David’s mission in life is about creating content that works. David’s 20+ years in the industry have seem him work with an impressive array of brands across the financial services, legal, automotive, media and retail sectors. He and his partner have built an agency that’s executing a rapid growth strategy and his boundless energy and creativity are leading the way.

Kate Cotterill Client Services Director, Hub

Kate heads up the client team at marketing agency, Hub. With roots in large advertising agencies and a passion for the very best in client delivery, Kate has worked across many brands in over 20 years in the industry. Her constant challenge is to deliver extraordinary client service every day, which she does with a smile.

Join redk for their session: Marketing Team Challenges 2022 and How to Resolve Them

In this discussion, redk will present the three key challenges facing marketing teams in 2022 and how best to resolve them. Covering topics including technology, automation, and collaboration - redk will highlight the challenges and solutions to optimise the way your Marketing Team work today and in the future.

Hideki Hashimura CRM/CX Strategist and CMO at redk CRM Solutions

Hideki applies over 15 years of experience in the field of CRM and Customer Experience to overcome business challenges in the customer cycle.

Tom Jeanes - UK Commercial Lead

Tom has been with redk UK since 2017 working to create win-win relationships between our partners and our customers across the full breadth of redk's expertise

For any organization in the financial services space, establishing trust is crucial to building new relationships, onboarding customers, and maintaining loyalty. No matter what your specific niche in the financial world, the common themes ring true: take care of your customers, keep data secure, and meet regulatory requirements. When your organization is focused on multilingual and global markets, these challenges can seem immense. TransPerfect is more than just a translations partner–we offer comprehensive 360 degree solutions to support every aspect of your multilingual programs.

Join Transperfect for their session: Best Practices in Global Video

COVID-19 lockdowns and the rise TikTok and Netflix have changed consumer preferences. People prefer richer content experiences. In fact, the amount of online video that the average person watches has doubled since 2018. In a dynamic industry like financial services, video has traditionally been viewed by marketers as a time-consuming medium where by the time the video is ready, the information is already out of date. In this session, we will be sharing how advancements in AI and cloud-based tools have drastically reduced the time to market for launching global video and some best practices on how to increase traffic and make videos more accessible for global audiences.


 Justin Potts - Director of Business Development, Financial Services

At TransPerfect, I help financial services firms reduce stress and complexity when it comes to supporting customers across international markets.