18 September 2024 - 20 September 2024 La Finca el Bosque, Pezuela de las Torres, Spain

Our annual Executive Summit provides a unique opportunity for our Members and invited guests to step back from the urgency of their day-to-day roles, enjoy the company of their contemporaries and ponder the deeper issues that are currently facing the financial services industry. We invite only senior industry executives to ensure that we have a robust peer group. Our exclusive invite-list is made up of CEOs, Marketing Directors, Strategy Directors, Customer Experience Directors and relevant invited guests, to keep the summit topical and exclusive.

We have a range of excellent speakers, briefed to challenge and provoke our conceptions and perceptions. However, as always, the real value of these sessions lies in the interaction and debate between our participants – A specially selected collection of some of the most senior FS marketing practitioners in the industry today. Our agenda is specially designed to elicit further conversation on the topics that are discussed – be it from a presentation, breakout session, or even a conversation at dinner. The true value of the summit lies in the exchange of thoughts and ideas between our guests, so don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation or to ask questions during our sessions.

This year's Summit will be taking place from Wednesday 18 September - Friday 20th September, so make sure to save the date and RSVP now!

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