Join us ONLINE for our first ever martech event, dedicated to financial services marketing.

We're going digital, with our first ever fully online conference. Get ready to join our community LIVE, from your computer.

We're really excited to invite you to join us at our first ever interactive online conference. And, what better way to start than with FS Martech 2020.

FS Martech 2020 will still take place on Tuesday 13 October 2020, starting at 9am until 12.30pm BST, but you can join us remotely from the comfort of your home office.

Financial services marketing is in the throes of a digital transformation: turbo-charged by the coronavirus pandemic, analytics, emerging technologies and social media platforms have all revolutionised the field.

And, with technology changing customers’ expectations and behaviours, marketers are battling to manage how, where and when they should interact with their consumers, and furthermore to pinpoint the insights offered by an overload of data.

Technology may be at the root of the challenge, but it’s technology that offers the solution for the increasingly complex world of marketing. Little surprise, then, that marketing technology is now the largest portion of total marketing budget (29% on average according to Gartner).

And, with marketing and technology increasingly intertwined, marketers are having to become ever more intentional about the software they choose.

Join our half day ONLINE conference to find out how your business can navigate the complex martech landscape of over 10,000 vendors to build a lean, productive marketing stack, with examples and case studies from some of martech’s fastest growing software companies. 

By joining us online on the 13 October 2020, you can look forward to:

• Our full planned conference schedule delivered digitally: presentations, panel discussions and an opportunity to pose your questions to the speakers via our online platform

• The opportunity to interact with fellow delegates and network with the wider community online, picking up some of the hot topics of the day for discussion

• Visit virtual sponsor booths to engage in an online chat with representatives to understand more about how their product can enable your marketing technology is fit for purpose. Collect case studies, interesting content and more detailed understanding of their product suite

• If you get a lot out of a presentation and want to watch again, or think a colleague might benefit from hearing it, you can live stream the sessions on demand after the event is over

Please register now and you can look forward to attending the first ever Martech event totally dedicated to Financial Services, remotely from the comfort of your home office.

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Chair’s Welcome

David Cowan, Managing Director, The Financial Services Forum

Keynote: Technology and the CMO

Every marketer needs to understand the value and importance of technology - but Martech is not a substitute for solid marketing strategy. Our keynote address will consider the changing role of the CMO in the new technological era.

Izzie Rivers, Global Chief Strategy Officer, DWA Media

The Content Conundrum - Marketer vs Machine

Now, more than ever, Financial Services institutions have to consider how their digital customer experiences hold up to traditional and new competitors. In an increasingly digital customer landscape how do you marry the right messages with the right people? How do you know which topics and types of content to focus your efforts on? Here we look at practical answers to those questions to create the perfect relationship between marketers and technology.

Chris Purcell, Product Strategy Manager, Episerver

Financial Wellbeing - Why Technology is the Answer to Meeting Customers' Needs

Almost 70% of consumers want personalised communications yet few brands have the strategy, data or tech to do this properly. Marketers grappling to provide a 1-2-1 omni-channel experience face multiple challenges:

  • Data latency: finding a real-time single customer view to provide in-session behavioural data across all channels and multiple devices.
  • Identity resolution: really understanding 'in the moment' who you are dealing with. Far from simple if you haven't factored in hygiene, resolution, enrichment and privacy.
  • Privacy and compliance: complex regulatory requirements across thousands of products makes it challenging to decide which message to send (Marketing? Sales? Service message?) via which channels. When the auditors come knocking can you justify why you sent a marketing message for a lending product instead of advice around financial wellbeing?

Join Chris and Ed as they lift the lid on all this and more.

Chris Vinnicombe, VP Financial Services, Acxiom
Ed Porter, Financial Services Lead, Boxever 

Tea break

Make a cup of tea or coffee, grab a biscuit, and get ready for the second half.

Unlocking the Power of Data

Unlocking the Power of Data Asset managers, banks and other financial services organisations are now amongst the biggest controllers of data in the world. Data is an asset class, albeit a poorly or under-utilised one. Empowering brands to segment, channel and represent data to convert is into actionable insights for sales, distribution and front-office teams is a powerful concept. But how do firms unlock the data they have, and release its full potential to gain competitive advantage? This session will examine how to leverage data more effectively to create a single, unified “360-degree” view of the customer, consider how adopting key technologies can achieve the ‘holy grail’ of clean, accurate client data and explain how that data can be used to better understand your business relationships, drive collaboration and unlock growth.

Nick Factor, Industry Lead, Banking & Financial Services, Introhive
Peter Hammond, Solutions Lead, Financial Services, Introhive (Q&A only)

The Importance of Delivering Standout Customer Experience in Financial Services

In the recent months we’ve seen a huge impact on financial services, affecting consumers and organisations alike. Despite this turbulence, we have seen that the right strategies, focus on key priorities and investment in Customer Experience are enabling companies to be more agile and allowing them to quickly respond to the rapid changes in customer behaviour and new digital customer demands. But where do you start? In this session Adobe's Michael Plimsoll will use quantitative and qualitative analysis gathered over the last six months to help show what some of your key priorities should be to return back to growth. 
Mike Plimsoll, Industry Marketing Director, Adobe 

Panel discussion: The CMO/CIO Tug of War

The ownership of marketing technology has historically been a tug of war between marketing and IT chiefs. Where does the logical ownership of martech sit? Is collaboration the only way forwards? And – like driving a car – are two drivers even realistic given competing needs, and competencies?

Peter Hammond, Solutions Lead - Financial Services, Introhive
Mike Harriman, Chief Information & Technology Officer, AlbaCo
Joey Moore, Head of Product Strategy & Evangelism (EMEA & APAC), Episerver 
Brian Stewart, Global Head of Customer Insight, Analytics and Reporting, AXA Investment Management 
Jochen Toepfer, Management Consultant and Data Specialist, Acxiom

Closing remarks

David Cowan, Managing Director, The Financial Services Forum

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