Post-Pandemic Brand Strategy


23 September 2021 - 0900 -1230

Hosted by CLEAR at 15 Golden Square, London, W1F 8JG

As we emerge from a prolonged period of restrictions and isolation, and as we move to a hybrid way of working, marketing and living, changes and challenges within Financial Services marketing have been brought into sharp focus.

Brand strategy is more important than ever as financial services marketeers start to enter the unchartered waters of a post-pandemic world. The FSF Brand Strategy Supercharger is a half-day conference which will encourage you to think creatively about your future brand strategy and to reflect on your learnings from recent events.

We will look at the role of and developments in brand tracking, how brand strategy translates in digital, repositioning, and the “purpose” of it all. Join us to learn, connect with your peers and feel confident to transform your organisation’s brand strategy.

Post-Pandemic Brand Strategy Supercharger

This half-day conference will focus on how you can supercharge your brand strategy and grow post-pandemic.

We will hear from those who’ve had successful pandemic brand launches, how to develop trust among consumers in a post-pandemic world, and hone in on the minutiae of brand and what it really means. This will be the Forum’s first hybrid half-day conference, with an interactive agenda, including opportunities for networking and workshops.

Arrival and coffee
Opening remarks from David Cowan
Keynote: Sustainable Brand Building

How do you ensure your brand strategy is in line with your sustainability targets? And how do you ensure that your brand strategy is sustainable in and of itself. In this keynote session we will hear the secrets to this success from a marketing leader who has excelled in building an authentically sustainable and ethical brand.

Anna Bentham, Director of Marketing, Nationwide Building Society

How do you evaluate the success of your brand strategy

Measuring the nothing new, however, with a larger tool box than ever before, how effectiveness of marketing is can marketeers evaluate the success of their brand strategy?

In this interactive and eye-opening session we will look at:

  • ROI, measurement and brand tracking
  • New metrics and old metrics
  • What should your next step and new strategy be?

Dr Catherine Kelly, Managing Director, Jaywing

What does a modern post-pandemic digitalised brand strategy look like?

What was once designated digital marketing is now more general marketing, but how have organisations adapted their long-term brand strategies and infrastructure?

In this interactive workshop session we will ask the important questions:

- How can brands differentiate in digital environments?

- What can incumbents learn from digital natives, and vice versa?

- How can you make sure digital is embedded throughout your brand strategy, and marketing department?

Rachel Wood, Content Strategy Director, ACNE London
Ela Berksoy, Senior Strategist, ACNE London

To Rebrand or Reposition

Could there be a larger or more earth-moving event that affects the entirety of a brand’s consumer base than a pandemic?

The pandemic has brought lasting change to the lives of consumers and the financial services institutions who serve them. Some financial services brands have re-invented themselves and re-launched their brands.

However amid volatility and uncertainty, we have seen that innovation and bravery is the key to a successful mid-pandemic repositioning or rebrand. In this session we will hear the merits and challenges of repositioning or rebranding.

Simon Bailey, Global Head of Brand Management, ABRDN
Courtney Waterman, Head of Creative Marketing, Ninety One

The Pitfalls of Purpose

Most will now agree that the newest ‘P’ in marketing is ‘Purpose’.

Since the start of the pandemic, most organisations have claimed or “rediscovered” their purpose, but what impact has this had on their brand strategy?

In this panel discussion we will explore:

- The reputational risks of claiming a purpose

- If all brands are purpose-led, how should they differentiate?

- How far should brands demonstrate their purpose?

- What are the pitfalls of jumping on the purpose bandwagon?

- What will the differentiators of brand strategy be as we progress into the 2020s? Will purpose remain?

- What is the role of a brand in the 2020s?

Valentina Kristensen, Director, Growth & Communications, OakNorth
Victoria Aspinall, Strategy Director, Clear M&C Saatchi
Abba Newbery, CMO, Habito

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